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New Google Mobile Site Certification Course

Google announces its new Mobile site Certification for developers today. This course includes from why we need better mobile sites to how we create and optimize it. See the below list of what topics...

Base64!! What? How? Where? and Why? to use.

What is Base64? It is Binary-to-text encoding scheme which can be used to convert data into text format so it can be easily transmitted via any mean i.e. email. You can also encode text into...

More power to reporting! Extending Google Analytics Events

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides statistics for your blog or website. This article contains tools/snippets for extending Google Analytics events functionality. By default google analytics is pretty good on its own. But sometimes...

Install Emmet In Sublime Text 3

There are many code editors available nowadays. But my favorite ones include Sublime Text 3 and Brackets. Sublime Text 3 is the best code editor I came across with tons of features. The other...