Google announces its new Mobile site Certification for developers today. This course includes from why we need better mobile sites to how we create and optimize it. See the below list of what topics you need to cover in order to take this certification.

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What to Study?

Below are the topics you need to cover for the certification program.
  1. What is & Why Mobile Sites matter?
    • Basics of mobile sites
    • User Expectations
    • Impact on conversions and interaction
    • Why UX matters
    • Discoverability
  2. How to Improve Mobile Site Speed?
    • Tools for improving Speed
    • Handle Low Bandwidth & High Latency
    • Critical rendering path (CRP)
    • Document Object Modal (DOM)
    • Render Tree & Layout
    • Dev Tools & CRP
    • Optimize CRP
    • Optimize content efficiency
    • Eliminating unnecessary downloads
    • Optimizing encoding and transfer size
    • Image optimization
    • Web font optimization
    • HTTP Caching
  3. How to Create an effective UX for Mobile Sites?
    • UX principles
    • Assess your mobile site
    • Mobile site design best practices
    • Commerce and conversions
    • Form entry & Usability and form factor
    • Testing
    • Google Analytics
  4. Advanced Web technologies to help you with?
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
    • App Shell Architecture
    • Service Worker
    • API’s
    • Web Push & Notification
    • Payment Integration

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How to Crack?

Google has shared the complete curriculum for study and crack the certification course but we at Resource Guru are creating a complete course/webinar to help you out with Google new certification program. We are curating handpicked resources/guides/books and videos which will help you to get this certification easily.

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Who can take this course?

Anybody who knows Basic HTML, CSS and javascript.

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