There are many code editors available nowadays. But my favorite ones include Sublime Text 3 and Brackets. Sublime Text 3 is the best code editor I came across with tons of features. The other day I was wondering how to Install Emmet in Sublime Text 3, but could not find any good tutorial which could explain me how to do so. But, I found a way to do so and I would like to share it with you guys. After reading this article you will be able to successfully install Emmet in Sublime Text 3 and this will work for Sublime Text 2 also.

Installing Package Controller

Before doing anything else, we need to install a package controller for sublime text 3.
Package controller allows us to install a variety of packages and extensions for sublime text.

Visit the Package Manager’s Official Website and copy the code for the respective version of sublime text. In my case it is Sublime text 3.


After copying the code for the respective version of sublime text, open up your sublime text and go to View > Show Console. Now, paste the code that you copied in the dialog box opened below. (See the snapshot below for reference.)


Installing Emmet in Sublime Text 3

Now that we have installed the package controller in Sublime Text 3, it’s time to install Emmet in Sublime Text 3 with the help of the package controller. It is fairly easy to do so. After the package controller is installed, you can go ahead an hide the console by pressing the shortcut – Ctrl + `. After hiding the console, press Ctrl + Shift + P to open the command palette. Type in install in the search box that pops up and click install package from the suggestions below. after you have clicked install package, the controller will look for the available packages that could be installed in Sublime Text 3.


Now, in the next dialog box type in Emmet and select Emmet from the suggestions below.


It will take a little bit time to download and install Emmet depending upon the internet speed. Boom! Emmet has been installed successfully in your sublime Text 3 with a package control message that indicates, Emmet has been successfully installed in your application. Go and enjoy your zen coding extension. Just type in the abbreviation and press Ctrl + E to expand.


You can always refer to our video tutorial on youtube on how to Install emmet on sublime 3.


In this article, I showed you how to install Emmet in Sublime Text 3. The same process you can use for Sublime Text 2 also. You can share the article freely with your friends who love developing with Sublime Text 3 and don’t forget to drop your views and queries related to this article below.